Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who thrives during the writers strike?

So I have been thinking about this whole Writers' Guild of America writers strike and how the networks are preparing to air re-runs and back-up shows. I guess what hit me the most was that NBC was actually lowering themselves enough to air American Gladiators. I still can't believe that, but whatever. Now I understand that most of the shows wouldn't work on NBC with the viewer demographic, but NBC, like ABC, owns many cable networks. The difference between NBC and ABC in this regard is that most of NBC's cable affiliates offer serial dramatic television and made-for-television movies. ABC on the other hand owns networks like ESPN. While it might not be a long term solution, NBC could gather shows from USA, A&E, Bravo, or even Sci-Fi. Until that time, it's 90-mile-per-hour tennis balls and men in tight shorts - Yikes!


rel=nofollowNatalie said...

I wish an agreement could be made and the writers would come back to work. It's terribly sad how reliant I am on t.v. But when you live in the boonies and it's winter time, there's little else to do.

BTW...I did the Saturday Photo Hunt (posted it early) and my photos are of Red Sox ornaments. :) Oh and have you heard all the rumors about trades with the Twins? Exciting stuff!

Lori said...

You might want to check out my blog:)
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