Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do some homework before playing online

While I may not be much of a gambler, I have been known to play a slot machine or two and sometimes even sit down to a friendly game of blackjack when I’m in Lake Tahoe, but for the most part, casino style gambling is not an option for me where I live unless I go online. I would offer a couple of pieces of advice prior to partaking in online poker or any other online casino style game. First, make sure that it’s legal in your state and second, head on over to before choosing a site or sites to play your hand. reviews over 3000 online casino sites and has some very helpful information. The two aspects that are of most interest to me are what other gamers think of the site and what the sign-up bonus is. Reviews from other players lend credibility and a hefty sign-up bonus and brighten-up you winnings or indeed pad your losses. Whether you’re a avid gambler or just want to give it a shot, having the best information in hand is always a smart bet.