Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Parking Revenge

People who know me would probably describe me as a bit of an A## at times. I won't shy away from it, it's true. I often tell it like it is, speak my mind, say honest things others are afraid to, and every now and again I may be a little offensive... None of that withstanding, I am respectful of most people and things, just so long as they are respectful in kind; however, when someone does something just stupid, I can't help myself sometimes. (I'm really a nice guy... really! This weekend was one instance.
So Jules and I were arriving back at her place at Sunday River nearing eleven pm on Saturday after making a surprise in Cape Eliz for her mothers' bday party. Sure, it had been a super-long day with skiing, tons of driving, and even more chatting, but nothing prepared me for what I saw as I pulled into the parking lot behind the condo building. Now, being the very beginning of ski season, there were practically no cars in the lot, but the lot still has a parking protocol to be followed - you don't park in loading spots or handicapped spots whether there are cars in the lot or not and you certainly don't park your car or truck along the edge of the lot in a perpendicular manner. If you park along the edge, you either back in or drive the front end of your car facing the edge, but NOT perpendicular; that's just taking at least two places - empty lot or not.
So when we drive in, some guy had parked in this manner with his truck, apparently having the idea that he or she would just jump into the truck and drive right out of the spot. Right, 'cause whomever this guy is, he owns the lot.
Bringing Jules' car to a stop about halfway into the lot, I looked at her, not knowing whether she'd seen the offender, and said, "I'm sorry, but I have to do this." I then proceeded to pull right in front of this guys' truck and blocked it from pulling right out. No. I didn't block him in. All he had to do was back up and then pull out, but a point had to be made.
It probably had a lot more to do with a lack of sleep than it did with the actual situation, but Jules and I couldn't stop laughing. The next morning Jules snapped a shot of the offender with her car parked strategically in front. Priceless!


rel=nofollowJules said...

That was the best!

rel=nofollowAdam said...

Some people.
I am envious that you got to go to Sunday River.
Hope the skiing was awesome.

rel=nofollowTwo Peas in a Pod said...

Too Funny!

rel=nofollowNatalie said...

I hate bad parkers! Dead lot or not, it's just courtesy to follow the rules! Gah!