Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How many records will Tom Brady break?

The New England Patriots are a team claims not to care about statistics or individual goals. AS a fan of this team from birth, I can attest that whether the team has cared about breaking records or not, they have never had a player like Tom Brady and until this decade, were certainly not breaking records of any sort.
Like the good team player he is, Brady shrugs off questions about the passing records he may set this season. Regardless of the team mantras and "company lines," if you will, I actually find this sort of surprising. Why? Tom Brady already has three Super Bowl rings; would it not be fair for him to get some acclaim for himself? Surely the Patriots wouldn't be where they are right now without Brady and quite frankly, while I want to see the team win another title, I'm going to be greedy and say that I also want this guy to win some awards and set some records. I'm so sick of hearing how great Peyton Manning is - not that he isn't, but I think it's time for him to step aside - likewise for Dan Marino. In 1984, Marino set the single season passing record with 5084 yards. After 11 games Brady has 3439 yards and would need to average an astonishing 329 yards over the next five games to break the record. Although it's a long shot, just look at this past Sunday when Brady passed for over 360 yards in what was not his best game. More likely to be broken is the record for touchdown passes in a single season. While Marino held this record for two decades, Manning set the new standard with 49. After 11 games, Brady seems in the drivers seat with 39. While he only had one in the last game against the Eagles, don't expect Randy Moss to be covered so well the rest of the season - he's too good and so is Wes Welker. So while most are willing to bet that Brady will break the TD record and the single season passing percentage record, I will go out on a limb (sort of) and say that he will add the single season passing yardage record and single season QB passer rating record. And then after the season, perhaps voters will look to someone other than Manning as the league MVP, but then again, Brady doesn't and won't do TV commercials.


rel=nofollowpoppin said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I live in Michigan and I cannot stand to even look at Peyton Manning. He makes me sick. If Tom Brady played in New York or Dallas he would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But he plays in New England so the media almost shuns him. He should be the marquee player of the NFL not P.Manning. Sooner or later the NFL and the media are going to have to admit he's the best. Probably the best ever. He sure is in my book.