Monday, November 26, 2007

Have fun with Smorty

So I think I established yesterday that I’m not exactly optimistic about my chances for the Publishers Clearing House jackpot, but just because I am a little skeptical doesn’t mean I’ve given up hope! Quite frankly thought, I’ve been thinking a lot about finance these days and how important it is to earn and save money, regardless of whether it’s from doing small things online from time to time or whether you rely on your actual day job.
In case any of you have missed the recent mercurial trip of the stock market, we have a very unsteady economy and whereas I still have consumer confidence, I value fiscal responsibility. That said, I do like to ear a few extra bucks on the side from my normal job and connecting bloggers and advertisers is a perfect way to do so. I highly urge anyone who has a blog to get involved with Smorty and have some fun writing short opinion pieces while you advertise on blogs. Nope, you won’t get rich and there will be no prize patrol, but it’s pretty fun and the extra money won’t hurt around the holiday season.