Monday, November 19, 2007

Lowell signs a 3-year deal with Boston

Millions of Red Sox fans including myself let out a collective sigh of relief today as it was announced that World Series MVP Mike Lowell re-signed with Boston for 3 years and $37.6 million. While Lowell may have been looking for 4 years, he also indicated that he wanted to be in Boston. And I won't lie, when Hank and Hal started waiving around cash in the hopes that Lowell would re-join the New York club that drafted him, I wouldn't have been surprised. Not because of the money, but a 4-year deal at a less demanding position with his original team may have been attractive, but over the last two years it has become very clear that Lowell has developed some relationships with players, coaches, and obviously fans in Boston that may have been one of the driving forces. Whereas I can't speak for all Boston fans, I am happy to have Lowell back, not because I think he'll put up the the numbers he did this year, but rather because he is one of the best guys to be around all the young talent that the Sox have. Thanks Mike!


rel=nofollowNatalie said...

I'm beyond excited. I heard it's not official until tomorrow, so I haven't let out my sigh yet, but I'm excited!!! I'm ready for the Sox to win again in '08! Plus, we're planning on going to a game in April or May (fingers and toes crossed) so I'd love to see him play...along with Papi, Manny, Tek, Papelbon, etc. :) I've never seen a game at Fenway.