Friday, November 30, 2007

Don't get left out in the cold looking for optics

Like many other days, I found myself riding the main chairlift at Sunday River this morning, eager to take my first run. With my goggles resting on the front rim of my helmet, a strong gust of wind whipped down from the ridgeline and knocked my goggles off. While I could see where they landed, I couldn’t know if they’d be there when I got back to the bottom. Someone could ski or ride over them - destroying them or perhaps someone would pick them up as a souvenir. Instantly, I thought about what I would do. Buying sunglasses or ski goggles at a ski resort can cost an arm and a leg, but then I remembered a website I came across that has thousands of products like sunglasses, goggles, telescopes, and even night vision technology. And although I was lucky to race down the mountain to find the goggles intact and safe, I still logged on to to take a better look at what my options were if I needed to replace them. I found a great gift guide and learned that they have free shipping on purchases over $29.95. And with over 200 brand names to choose from, I’ve gotten a lot of my Christmas shopping done in one place.