Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween skiing at Sunday River even drew Tony The Tiger!

Even if it was only for one day, Sunday River, Maine turned some heads with the surprise last minute opening for Halloween day. New outlets from all over New England and even the Weather Channel wanted in on the action. After a few blustery nights, the renowned Sunday River snowmaking crew had laid down enough of the white stuff to cover the T2 trail and operate the Locke Mountain chairlift. While downloading was required from mid-station, the opening of the upper part of the lift and the T2 trail itself was a throwback to the 1990s when resorts like Sunday River, Sugarloaf/usa, and Killington all vied for bragging rights of first to open in the east. While the Sunday River "treat" had already been decided to be a one day affair, the media outlets are still buzzing about skiing in Maine on October 31st. The mountain operations crew deserves a lot of credit for allowing this special event to happen while Sunday River PR guru and director of Communications, Alex Kaufman, was busy attending to the media. When word got out Tuesday afternoon about the event, folks were already making plans to make their first tracks. Unfortunately this kid was stuck in the office. Sunday River is officially slated to open for daily skiing and riding on November 9th, weather permitting. For more on this event and anything having to do with Sunday River, check out