Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ever thought of memory foam for your mattress?

I increasingly heat radio advertisements for sleeping solutions. Now I haven’t quite figured out what a “sleeping solution” is, but admittedly, I often have trouble sleeping and might be interested in getting in on the fun. Nope, I don’t want to be a lab rat and test some weird new product, but I have often raised a curious eye when watching TV and seeing commercials for memory foam beds. Sure, the people pretending to be sleeping are paid to smile while they appear to be sleeping, but that surely doesn’t mean that memory foam doesn’t work.
There are currently two companies that offer identical NASA-developed HD (higher density) foam technology bed systems. I’ll be honest, I’ve never even laid on one of these mattresses, but I know many folks who swear by them. The technology relieves pressure & stress while conforming to every contour of your body. This isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer hard beds while others like beds with pillow-tops on them. It’s obviously a point of preference, but I have heard that these memory foam mattresses are recommended by many physicians. The catch is that they are expensive – much more than buying a regular mattress and box spring, but given that we spend so much of our life sleeping, or trying to at least, perhaps it’s an investment worth making. Who knows? Maybe I’ll head out to the mall area this weekend and check out some tempurpedic mattresses. If everything I hear is correct, it could be worth the drive.