Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So much to do on my vacation?

With my job, I'm blessed with an extensive amount of vacation time. Granted, money keeps me from for than a couple of destination vacations a year, but the other time off, like this week, I'm lucky to have a place enjoy my time in the mountains. Some of you may think I'm crazy to take vacation time in the winter, but we all have our passions and mine is skiing. And while I'll send much of the week, at least part of every day, on the slopes, I look forward to taking some time to bettering this site and offering more for my readers.
A mentioned earlier in a post, I plan to begin my series of now defunct television series and have a number lined up. I'd also like to dedicate a day to reviewing an older movie. Why? These too, are passions of mine and I want to share with all of you.
And then there's the grey elephant - my unfinished final draft of my novel that I really need to work on. Revising a draft for the 22nd time is no east task, but with a little peace and quiet, I hope to complete the manuscript and have it in to the publishers by January. But then again, maybe I'll just ski.:)