Thursday, November 22, 2007

What lies in The Mist?

If you haven’t read the novella by The Mist by Stephen King– which I can only assume most viewers have not, given the novella format not being as widely available – you may take a glimpse at tone of the trailers and think that The Mist is another The Fog remake, but rest assured it’s not. While sometimes considered ominous looking on their own, fog and mist have many elemental similarities, but that’s where similarities end regarding storylines.
Something that I’ve always found interesting about works of Stephen King, which I think much of the time goes un-noticed, is that his works are almost always about much more than horror or the supernatural. While he may draw ideas from either of these, like having the mist be some deadly entity, but if you look deeper, you notice that the story is about the human nature of the people trapped inside the supermarket. This isn’t always the case, but look at some his other popular stories such as The Stand, in which we see religion and redemption as central themes of the storyline that just so happens to be intertwined by a plague. In short, The Mist, like other Stephen King stories, is about the fight between good and evil. True, it’s sometimes hard to find the line between the two and The Mist is no different in that regard. The characters are forced to take sides, look into themselves, believe in each other, test faith and religious beliefs.
I can’t say as though I was overly scared watching this, but I loved it. It is classic Stephen King with all the aforementioned creative pieces and yes, there is certainly the fear factor. I can only imagine myself in the situation these people are in. I try to imagine something like this happening and not having a clue if it would end or if indeed the world was coming to an end.