Sunday, November 25, 2007

I could win $10,000,000!

Yeah, so I don't buy lottery tickets or enter many contests, but admittedly I've fallen into the grasp of Ed McMahon and the ongoing saga that is Publisher's Clearing House. You know, those huge envelopes you get in the mail that want you to buy magazines or at the very least, enter their jackpot. Well, several months back, I got an email from ED saying that I might be the winner of $10 million. I don't know Ed very well, but that "Prize Patrol" would be pretty sweet. Suffice to say, I kept getting emails, but have never bought anything, nor will I, but I do continue to submit my entry. It's borderline insane, but I almost think that if I didn't open the email and click continue, then when the have the drawing (which is God only knows when) it would be my number. Ha! I'm not that stupid or gullible, but you never know. I need to get out more!