Sunday, September 30, 2007

Metal cabinets to complete your garage

So you’ve finally gotten around to organizing your garage. You’ve placed wall mounts for your skis, overhead storage for your kayak, and new fluorescent lighting so it’s no longer the darkest place in your home. You can still make your garage more functional. has the solutions you need to make the most of the precious space. From work benches to flooring, has what you need. And to organize the rest of your tools and gadgets, check out their wide selection of metal cabinets from single to six-piece sets.

A unigue party in Boston

I have to admit it was rather strange to watch the Boston Red Sox celebrate after clinching their first AL East title since 1995.

I'm sort of used to seeing a final out or walk-off hit and then watching the players sprint from the dugout, but that wasn't to be this year. With the players watching Baltimore come back from 3 runs down in the bottom of the 9th to the Yankess and over 30,000 fans watching the game on the screen in center field, it was purely a case of wait and see.

When Baltimore won their game in the bottom of the 10th, the players began their celebration, as did the fans in the seats, but what was impressive was that the players didn't confine their fun to the clubhouse. Recognizing the passion of Red Sox Nation, they came down from the press-filled locker room to party with the fans.

It was clearly an odd scene, swim goggles and all, but a well-earned party for everyone!

Time to get your garage in order with

Ever wondered what it would like to walk into you garage and make use of it? Perhaps you have so many piles of stored items that you can’t even fir a car in a two-car garage. It’s time to take a different approach to garage storage.

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Bring on the snow guns!

The crisp, autumn air that hovered over New England will subside for a few days as less seasonable temps take over, but with the ski season so close, resort all across the country are getting ready to fire up their sun guns and fans and start laying down the white stuff, as soon as Mother Nature permits.
With the recent announcement from Sugarloaf/USA that they will go for an October 26th opening, they will try to stake claim to a prize that for many years had been held by Killington.
In the 1990's, both Sunday River and Sugarloaf tried competing with Killington each year for the first to open. Each were successful couple of times, but the reigns quickly were handed back to Killington as ASC got into financial trouble.
And yet the big surprise came a few year back when Killington again got beaten to the punch. This time is wasn't another eastern giant, but a hill in Connecticut called Ski Woodbury. Woodbury had flown under the radar and was able to surprise everyone in the industry. The same mistake would certainty not happen again, until the very next year.
Some don't count such openings are Woodbury's due to the fact they are not able to sustain warm November spells and almost always end up closing. This was the case last year when Ski Cataloochee in North Carolina was the first to turn it's rope tow for skiing. Like most others, this small, but high altitude ski area had to close before re-opening for the season, but for a couple of weeks, "The Cat" was the buzz of the eastern ski world.
In a few short weeks, the guns and fans around the east will start to roar. Powdr Corp, the new operator of Killington and Pico, have said that early skiing and riding is not an option for their them, but one wonders if this is just a ploy to get Killington back on top. Or maybe Boyne really will deliver the goods in western Maine and having us skiing Tote Road on Halloween.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Protect your data with Anytime@Anywhere

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Congrats to the 2007 AL EAST CHAMPS!

Only one player remains from the last Red Sox team to win the AL East outright. (Boston and New York ties in 2005 with the tiebreaker going to the Yankees) While some of the current players were still teenagers and others playing for their former teams, Tim Wakefield was throwing knuckle balls in Boston.

Up by three runs going into the bottom of the 9th inning, Mariano Rivara gave up three runs and Baltimore ties the game as 33,000 Red Sox fans remained at Fenway Park after defeating the Twins an hour earlier.

In the bottom of the tenth inning with the bases loaded, Baltimore scored on a squeeze play - both the Fenway Faithful and the Sox players waiting patiently in the clubhouse began the celebration that goes on right over my should, as we speak, on NESN.

On to the ALDS!

Upload it, Store it, and Share it with Driveway!

Having returned from a week in Lake Tahoe last spring, I couldn’t wait to share my multitude of pictures with everyone. I had never really used a digital camera before that week and most certainly had never tried to share pictures through email.

Although it took me what seemed like forever to download the photos my girlfriend sent via email, I count myself lucky. Because I have fee-based email, I have a lot of storage available to me, but for many Internet users, this isn’t the case. If I had been using Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail without one of the optional upgrades, I wouldn’t have been able to download the large file of photos.

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Driveway also offers faster uploads via desktop plugin, widgets for file/folder sharing, and free storage up to 2GB.

But don’t just take my word on how great Driveway is for all your large file need; check out what these folks have to say about Driveway and log on now!

Now how do you hold the tennis racket?

The rain held off just long enough for Jules and me to hit the tennis courts at Deering Oaks for the third time in the past couple of weeks. Perhaps this doesn’t seem significant to anyone reading this, but tennis is a game of pride. It’s also a game that can really only be played well with lots of practice. I know some may disagree, but tennis is not like riding a bike. You can’t just get back on the court and start hitting inside-out forehands and the like. Hell, if it there that east, we’d have played everyday.
As I sit here in front of the computer screen, I have to chuckle a little as I picture one of my forehands sailing into the fence about 10 feet behind the baseline on the other side of the court. Meanwhile, Jules takes winds up for a forehand, steps into the ball, swings, and then looks around everywhere… moments later she notices that the ball is stuck in the V of her racket. Why, because that’s what happens when you haven’t play in years. Quite frankly, it’s ugly, especially when we each talk about how we were successful (minimally in my case) tennis players at earlier ages.
And yet the lack of consistency or grace on the court has been enough to detract either of us. Now and again Jules would crush a cross-court forehand winner that caught me in stride. Likewise, I too, had a few well-placed backhands, which eluded her reach. I think that now we’ve gotten over the fact we aren’t going to win anymore tournaments (at least not for a while…) or get lots of free gear and the like, we can play for the enjoyment and have found a common exercise that for so long was so much a part of our lives.
Of course there is that competitive spirit that burns inside each of us. And although we’ve yet to record a point, I find it hard to believe that will last too long.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great deals from

To begin with, the site is very easy to use. The layout is rather simplistic, but they aren’t offering an art show, they want to provide the best prices out there. Upon logging on to the site I found that there is surely more than the name alludes to. One aspect that caught my attention right off the bat was how I could choose to have all my information in a selection of different currencies and languages. Now it’s been a while since I took French and Spanish didn’t exactly click with me, but this is a great feature. It tells me that this site thinks globally and wants to attract customers from everywhere the Internet reaches. In line with this, the web site offers toll-free phone numbers and customer service assistance right at the top of their screen for viewers anywhere in the world.
Making Hotel Reservations isn’t only easy, but financially advantageous to those seeking a good deal and perhaps some cash back. Click on the $100 rebate link and you will find that offers a variety of rebate options. Book 3 nights get a $20 rebate. Book 12 nights and get a $100 rebate. Couple that with the below price guarantee and you’re on your way to saving a ton of cash on your next trip. guarantees the lowest internet rates on hotel bookings. If you find a lower rate, will offer to either match the rate for you, or cancel your reservation through them, free of charge to you. The one catch is that the lower rate must be found within 24-hours from the time you booked your hotel rate through This writer finds that due to ever changing prices based on demand and even slight economic shifts, the 24-hour clause in their guarantee is not only fair, but quite frankly, smart. also offers some great deals on condos, complete vacation packages you build on your own, cruises tours, and group rates. Having searched the site; it’s not the prices that I found to be the best feature. I found a link which says that you can cancel or change your bookings through them without penalty. Having been hit in the wallet far too many times due to any number of reasons beyond my control, I think this is a great feature and recommend that when you book that next trip, give a shot.

Just a few moments to think can make all the difference!

Sometimes I just want to complain. I know what some of you are saying: Sometimes? Well truth be told, I was in a position earlier this evening and I was absolutely fuming. It would have been so easy to be stay angry and then come on here and write some negative post about it, but realistically, I had to put some things in perspective.

It was only two hours after the Lady from the car dealership explained that my 30,000 miles service on my car was going to cost me $420. As ironic as some may find that number, I promise I didn't even crack a smile when I wrote down the quote, but it is what it is and my car has treated me well the first two years I've owned it, so I smiled, nodded, and moved on...

And yet then I arrived at the Portland Yacht Club to take a boat out of the water for the season. When I got down to the dock, it was about 6:10 and I learned that launch service ended at 6:00. Given that my brother was due to meet me in less than a half hour, my options were limited. The club happens to have a couple of spare row boats... So there I found myself about halfway between the shore and my boat. Sweat was dripping down my forehead as I made my way out the thoroughfare to the the boat. A little ticked off, a cool breeze grazed over my head and the humidity lessened for a moment. Just then, I looked west and glanced at the fiery orange sky; not unlike the picture in the upper right hand corner. And I thought how fortunate I am. Fortunate to be on that water. Fortunate to have a boat. Fortunate to have a loving family. Don't get me wrong, I was pissed, but the humility kept me calm.

sometimes I find that I have to stop and think for a minute. I know that life isn't always fair. I know people get screwed over. I know that sometimes I'm one of them, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm blessed. So while I was really unenthusiastic about having to bail out 2 weeks of rain from the dingy, I paused, smiled, and looked towards the western sky.

A wealth of information at Contemporary's web site

When looking at a web site, there are several factors, which I think make it affective. Of course the first is making sure that the web site is directed to its’ target market. I have had the chance to review the web site for a UK-based Business technology company called Contemporary Business Intelligence Consultancy Services. Contemporary is keyed into their niche market by offering a web site that is all about the one thing its’ customers want – information. No glitz, no glamour, just a well-laid out site that’s easy to navigate and full of more information than perhaps the programs they consult on; however, there isn’t too much information thrown right at the site visitor and that is important.

Contemporary’s home page has some very good key points going for it. First, they start right off with their motto and then they go into a brief, but inviting synopsis of the services they offer. Right on the first page they tell you what they can do, how they can do it, and that they will save you money. What more can you ask for? Another aspect of the homepage that I didn’t really like at first, but now find quite affective, is their placement of the products they consult on. The reason I was skeptical at first is that when I opened the page I wondered what I would think it I went to it under different pretenses. Would I think it was merely an advertisement for these prominent Microsoft & Business Objects products? And then after pondering, I decide that anyone going to this website knows why they are going there and seeing those powerful tags above the motto and intro lends credibility. And speaking of credibility, Contemporary doesn’t forget another effective marker of a good page; they list important certifications.

Other pages on the site may not be considered as important to some because they are not the ones that draw you into the site, but they still need to be informative and powerful enough to keep you there. Contemporary effectively uses link to other pages, which host everything from their extended products, to company news, and “about” page, and even a page of short biographies of senior management. The videos are certainly a nice touch as well.

Sugarloaf's got fans, literally

Not to be outdone by virtually anyone in the east this year, newcomers Boyne USA made one of their biggest announcements to date when they held a press release stating that Sugarloaf/USA will get more than $4 million in capital investments for the upcoming season.

While Boyne work with strategic developers to determine the future of Sunday River, also in Maine, they knew that before such action could happen with Sugarloaf, there was work to be done to the crumbling infrastructure, which hadn't seen so much money infused into it since the Wiffletree SuperQuad was installed and the fixed-grip quad it replaced was moved to it's current location as the Timberline Quad.

Aside from some much needed brick and mortar upgrades around the base area and in the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel turned Grand Summit Hotel turned back to Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, Sugarloaf is slated to increase it's snow making output by 20% this year alone. Boyne will add no less than 70 traditional snow guns to the arsenal, but the real fire power will come from the installation of mounted low-energy, high output fan guns.

To show the east they mean business at Sugarloaf and at all their resorts, Boyne has announced that if weather cooperates, they will shoot for an October 26th opening.

Digital cameras are the way to go

Do you remember the days of bringing you camera film in a place like CVS to have double copies of your 27 pictures made? It seems like so long ago that this was the normal practice, which is probably why I still have rolls of film and disposable cameras collecting dust.

The advent of digital camera changed everything, even for people like me, who are hesitant to change. The ability to snap hundreds of pictures and actually be able to see them right after the shot is one of my favorite aspects of digital photography.

I’m currently the owner of a Canon PowerShot SD620 and I couldn't be more pleased. Last winter on a trip to Lake Tahoe, my girlfriend and I were able to catalog all our adventures on film and easily download the pictures to her computer to share. The sheer beauty of the pristine landscape and massive amounts of snowfall made it almost impossible to put into words, but going through the photos on the computer told a story all its’ own. As a matter a fact, the picture to the right, titled, “the blue world” was taken on that trip with that very camera!

In the future I hope to be able to download my pictures to digital picture frames. Who knows? Christmas isn’t too far away.

The picture and clarity of digital cameras is absolutely amazing and getting better all the time. I used to think of taking pictures as more of a hassle than anything else, but now I enjoy taking shots of scenery, friends, and family.

Schilling solid after 9 days rest

After 9 days of rest, Curt Schilling again came to the mound to square off against the ailing Oakland Athletics in a crucial game for the Sox. As a longtime fan and someone who hasn’t been all that impressed with some of the off-field banter from the former staff ace, I admit that I was skeptical, but then I realized something I had forgotten. For Schilling, this isn’t merely the end of the regular season – no, there was actual pressure for him to get a win with the division so close and few games remaining.

Visions of 2004 popped into my head and I knew that regardless of age and regardless of the regular season as a whole, this start would be different for Schilling. After 6 fairly strong innings, Schilling left with a 3-run lead, having only given up only 1 earned run.

Say what you will about Curt Schilling, but last night he proved that even while he might not being blowing batters away with his fastball anymore, he knows how to get guys out. More importantly, he knows how to get them out when it counts and should be ready for the #2 spot in the postseason rotation.

…and the Evil Empire lost on a walk-off home run to Tampa Bay in the bottom of the 10th. Magic number for the Sox is 3.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

See the world with Dialaflight

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Six days, six games, one division title

In Boston and New York, the media is in a frenzy, which is to say that things are pretty much normal in these two baseball-crazed municipalities, but with 6 days to go in the regular season and only two games separating the two at the top of the AL East, it's a little more crazy.

Boston, hampered by injuries and perhaps a little concerned about the effectiveness of the bullpen, opens a 2-game set tonight versus the A's, while New York is in "The Pit" to face the last place, but always tough-against-the-top-teams Devil Rays.

With Schilling hurling for Boston tonight and Clemens throwing for the Yanks, both teams hope to get a leg up on each other as we enter into the final stretch. I think you know by now, where my allegiances lie!.


Monday, September 24, 2007

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Renewable energy deserves a chance to go before the voters

Do you ever read a story from a newspaper or see a piece on the evening news about special meetings of town councils, select boards, or governing bodies such, let's sat, the Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC) and find yourself wondering more people aren't solicited for ideas and suggestions? I'm betting you do and I'm better that some of you have read about the proposed wind farm in the Western Maine mountains.

Less than ten miles from where the wind farm would be built Franklin County near Sugarloaf ski resort, another large scale proposal was at the forefront of the news back in the late 1970's. The project was a proposed development of the Bigelow Mountain Range across Carrabassett Valley from Sugarloaf. developers wanted to create "The Aspen of The East" on the flanks of the towering peaks and came quite close.

As you can imagine, there were lots of people up in arms about this possibility. Why? Because the Appalachian Trail runs right over the summit of those mountains and would be interrupted. This was long before the LURC held meetings in the town, which back then had about 150 residents. (It's up to about 500 year-round now) After a lot of hooting and hollering, the proposed development went to a state-wide vote and failed.

My point is that if such a development was voted on by the whole state back then, why not allow the wind farm proposal to go before the voters of Maine?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Sox have me grinding me teeth

Do you ever switch the TV channel when the Red Sox have a couple outs and bases loaded in the hope that perhaps if you don't watch, something good will happen? I do. I've done that since I was a kid watching football, baseball, and even tennis. I figured that Andre Agassi would have a better shot at winning a tiebreak if I wasn't watching. Apparently I didn't get the memo about not being all that important...
...Still haven't gotten the memo 'cause I did it again today in the top of the 6th when J.D. Drew walked to force home a run and bring up Varitek with bases loaded and one out. Noticeing that the Yankees were still tied at 3 with Toronto, I thought it might help, but at the end of the day, the Sox had lost 5-4 and New York pulled out their 90th win.
I'm pretty sure that baseball shouldn't give me panic attacks!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Boyne takes over operations of Loon Mountain

Having recently made a splash with the purchases of Sunday River and Sugarloaf resorts in Maine, Boyne USA recently announced that they have entered into a lease agreement with CNL Corp to operate Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. While still under the ownership of CNL, Boyne will take over operating from Booth Creek, who will still run Waterville Valley and Mount Cranmore.

The lease transfer means that pass holders at all three resorts will now have upgrading options to make their seasons passes good at all three resorts. Meanwhile, Boyne has agreed to notonly honor Threedom Passes bought for the 2007-2008 season, but will continue to sell the passes with Loon included.

This December, Loon is set to finally open it's South Peak expansion, which has been on the drawing board for more than a decade. The mountain features a new high speed detachable quad and several intermediate and expert runs.

A kind welcoming from the PayPerPost community

It was perhaps four or five months ago and I was watching the Today Show on NBC like I do most mornings. Scoffing down some cereal before heading out for a sail, a particular segment caught my attention. This was the first I had heard of, but the woman who was being interviewed said some things that interested me and even better, she had credibility.

To be frank, I first thought it was a segment on ways to make extra money on the Internet that were by-in-large scams, but to my surprise, this wasn’t the case. The woman was talking about legitimate websites where people could earn make money doing things they do in their everyday lives.

Me, I like to write. Although most of what I produce is fiction, I started blogging about a year and a half ago. So when she said there was a site called where I could actually get paid for writing about my opinions and things that interest me, I was hooked. I wanted in, but that’s when I found out what I truly like best about PayPerPost; people can’t just decide they are going to blog because they see this great opportunity. PayPerPost makes us earn our place here and I love that.

From the time my current blog went live to a few days ago when it was accepted for Marketplace, I’ve met some great folks who share the same passions as I do, but best of all, everyone is extremely helpful. You see, not everyone on here is a genius with computers. Having been an English major in college, I can barely do much more than use spell check, but no worries, there has always been someone to show me the ropes and guide me through each step. Now I even get asked to do blog reviews.

I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with and can’t wait to meet more and more Posties, new and old!

Red Sox clich playoff berth, seek divisional crown

In the bottom of the seventh inning, it looked like Boston was on it's way to a second straight won over would be spoilers, Tampa Bay when Javier Lopez relieved Dice-K with two outs and two on to finish off one last batter. Six pitches later, the Devil Rays had their first lead of the game after a 3-run homer. Like many Sox fans, my heart was in my throat. I watched this same scenerio play out against the Yankees and Blue Jays in the past week. Fact is; Boston hasn't come back very many times in the late innings to win games. This was a must win with the Yankees winning in walk-off fashion earlier in the day against Toronto in 10 innings.

Then after the scoreboard flashed the score of the Tigers losing, the Boston bats came alive in the 9th with a home run by J.D. Drew to tie the game and then two batters later, Julio Lugo put the exclaimation point on his old team with a two-run shot.

Jonathon Paplebon came in to pitch the bottom of the 9th after Eric Gagne recorded his second 1-2-3 inning in as many nights. With Pap getting the save and Gagne getting the win, Boston clinched at least a wild card spot with seven games left in the regular season. Boston's lead over New York remains at 2.5 games.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

First Snow At Heavenly!

The early morning hours of Thursday brought a much welcomed site to the mid-mountain elevations at Heavenly Mountain Resort. Over two inches of new snow, the first of the year, coated the decks of the mid-mountain lodges and covered the upper-mountain trails.
While a web cam shot from today showed that most of the snow has now melted away, it's only September and that little bit of fluff is an exciting site for every winter enthusiast.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why go out on Black Friday?

As summer quickly fades to fall and we all get ready for the holiday season, it's almost impossible to not think about shopping. We have friends and family to buy gifts for, parties to shop for, and sometimes we even like to grab some of the seasonal bargains to treat outselves.

Being two months away, it's also hard to not think about that dreaded day when malls open at 3 am and lines seem to go for miles and miles. People who say they'd never shop on black friday, are at the mall because they just can't resist that one-day deal and they know the items will sell out by the time the rush has passed.

Does this happen to you? Are you one of the many millions who flocks to the mall or favorite department store on the day after Thanksgiving? As it has come to be known, Black Friday is the busiest and most congested shopping day of the year and it's true, there are great deals to be had.

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A game and a half and time running out!

There are times of year when your favorite team can lose 5 or so games and you might not think too hard about it. Sure, as a true fan, you hate seeing you team lose, but over a 162 game schedule like in baseball, these streaks happen all the time.

The problem is when your biggest for and most hated enemy doesn't seem to lose any games down the stretch. Perhaps you know where I'm going with this. Nope, I'm mot talking about the Mets, sorry.

If reading this truly gives you pain in the pit of your stomach, then you are a Red Sox fax and you've watched the once 12 games lead, shrink to just 1.5 games over the Bronx Bombers.

With 9 games left and little room for error, there are some serious injury problems and even a more serious situation in the once flawless bullpen; however, as a good fan, and a die hard to the end, I'll continue to root our boys on and hope for a swing before it's too late. GO SOX!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boyne Set To Make An Impression On Eastern Skiing

Just a couple months after the announcement came that Boyne USA had outbid Les Otten to become the new owner/operators of Sunday River and Sugarloaf/USA ski resorts in Maine, the rumors started to fly about the future of said ski resorts. The resorts, the last remaining eastern holdings of the now de-listed American Skiing Company, are two of the largest and most popular resorts in the east and draw skiers from as far away as Britain. Both resorts are sorely in need of upgrades in almost all areas, but with the closing of the sale not coming until July, things such as new lifts, lodges, and trails are just not feasible. It's a good thing Boyne and it's President have a handy drawing board.

At an August town council meeting in Bethel, just to the west of Sunday River, Boyne announced their desire to light three trails for night skiing. Locals, second home owners, and long time patrons were taken aback. Such an idea had been thought of before, but the capital wasn't there. Instead, Sunday River hosts two lists for lit snowtubing, which let's just say, hasn't been a big draw, but there in lies the problem with these two resorts. After the lifts close, the options are limited, especially for people staying there with kids. While there has been some dispute over how much light would be seen from various parts of the region, the vibe at this resort is good. Not just because Boyne has taken a step in the right direction, but mostly because they have solicited the thoughts of the people who live in the area.

While night skiing may not come to fruition for the 2007-08 season at Sunday River, Boyne has already begun work at Sugarloaf, increasing snow making capacity and beginning to address long term needs. The big news came this week when it was learned that Boyne has gathered a group of 21+ people from various industries to form a committee to set forth the direction for the two resorts. The marketing and development company said to be chosen to lead this endeavor, created the long term plans for resorts such as Whisler/Blackcomb, Statton, and Mont Tremblant. Said to be done in a matter of months instead of years, this is an exciting time for eastern skiers and the future with Boyne (and financial backers CNL) looks very bright!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not The Best Bandwagon

I remember walking into Filene's with my mom when I was 11-years-old and seeing shirts for the New England Patriots first Super Bowl game against the Bears. Even at such a young age, my pride as a New England fan ran deep. I recall basically throwing a fit during the game as things quickly turned south under the direction of Tony Eason and his ever-present feet-first slides to avoid tackles. An despite being destroyed on the pitch, I never gave up on the Pats. I remember being excited about Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells and I even can stomach a little 1996 nostalgia when we got clobbered by the Packers for Super Bowl loss number two, but then things changed. Bledsoe got injured, Brady emerged out of nowhere, and three Super Bowl rings later, a dynasty had been built under a great owner, a great general manager and who many of us fans believed to be one of the games greats coaches.
Now don't get me wrong, Bill Belichick is still, at least in my opinion, one of the gamers best coaches, ever, but why would he cheat? I don't buy into the whole, "everyone does it, but he got caught thing." Nope. You can't justify what the Patriots coaching staff did in breaking the league rules for videotaping the game from the sidelines during the first quarter of Sunday's victory over the Jets. Yes, the camera was taken away early and the actual effect of having the camera was most certainly minimal to the outcome to the game, but just the thought of our guys now being the bad guys makes me sick.
I doubt Bob Kraft knew about it. It's doubtful the player knew about it, but a few days certainly did and they have tainted this proud franchise and quite frankly have harmed they're own players in the process. No, "Cameragate" is not really that big a deal in terms of how badly someone can cheat. There just isn't very much benefit to what they did, but therein lies the big question: Why do it? Why cheat against the Jets. Why Bill? It's time for answers.
As for the penalties imposed by the league; they are mild in my opinion. I would have made the team forfeit the game and have suspended Belichick in addition to the fines and loss of draft picks, but what do I know? I'm just a fan of the game and yes, I'm still very much a fan of the Patriots.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget!

The images are still fresh in my mind and the date haunts me, but I'm merely one of millions of Americans who watched the events of this day unfold from afar. And whereas I knew individuals who lost their lives in the attacks of September 11, 2001, I know I can't truly understand the sheer magnitude of what it must be like to have had a loved one perish in those cowardly attacks. That said, like others, I too mourn for our loses and pray that such an event never again takes place on American soil.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the fallen heroes, fathers, mothers, and other family members of this sad day in history. And my prayers go out to the servicemen and women who are currently fighting under the flag of our nation.

May none of us, ever forget.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Can You Afford To Take Online Surveys?

Now there's an interesting question, and one I've tried to research the past few months. Perhaps we are so inundated with get "rich quick schemes" and "infomercials" about working from home that we as a society turn a blind eye to the fact that millions of Americans are being robbed blind by online survey companies.

Don't get me wrong, there are companies that will actually pay you "rewards" for filling out surveys online, but there are plenty of catches. Let's start with the pay. You see, it's easy to get around taxation and labor laws when these companies provide "rewards" instead of W2 earnings. Most paid surveys pay up to about $5 an hour. Yes, that's is below minimum wage and here's the real kicker: you have to take a short survey to see if you qualify for the actual survey.

Then there is the idea of actually acquiring a list of paying survey companies and let's just say that there are those out there that would have you believe that you need to pay $35 just to get a list. The fact is that you can get a list easily by going a Google search and reading reviews posted by the many angry folks. But don't be fooled. There will certainly be some seeds in there that say one site is good and they made all this money etc. WRONG. They didn't. I probably totaled "rewards" of about $200 all summer and these sites advertise much much more. Granted, I went in with the knowledge of the scam, but I still spent way to much time clicking on boxes about chewing gum and hair care products.

The bottom line is that if you really like to take survey in your free time; there are a ton of sites out there and many are reputable. On the other hand, many are not, but you have to realize that if you are trying to earn money, you are much better off getting another job for a few hours a week and then spend the time you would have spent on the computer filling these things out, doing something constructive.

All of that said, I am not going to list any of the companies, (as this is an opinion piece and not a news article) good or bad, but I will tell you that the Better Business Bureau does certify online companies such as these, therefore, I suggest looking for that logo and be prepared for a lot of boring clicking.

And to be frank, I am so glad that doing the research for this article is over because filling out those things is just no fun whatsoever.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Seasons Change

As I sit here next to a window on the Maine coastal town of Camden, I hear a sound not too many locals business folks like - the sound of silence. Only the waves crashing of the rocky shoreline break the silence before retreating back out to sea with the tide.
It's a week after Labor Day and the tourists have thinned considerably. Jules and I were able to drive up Route One from Portland this evening after work with relative ease and when we arrived in Camden, the long lines of cars sorting their way through the quaint town had subsided.
It's the quiet time of year that makes this place so special. The fact I can sit here and listen to the sound of tree leaves rustle before the first frost drives them from their summer perch and the slight hint of autumn chill in the breeze is refreshing.
Of course it also means that another special season is fast approaching, but I've decided to enjoy the fall for what it's worth. The picture on the upper-right corner was taken this time last year on my boat on Casco Bay and there have already been a couple beautiful evenings like that one. The evenings where the sharp firey orange sky melds with the azure horizon of the ocean. It's a special time in Maine.
A month from now, the tourists will be back for a few short weeks to snap pictures of leaves in their range of autumn colors before the winter comes calling.
Maine is a place of more then four seasons and perhaps only few ever really take the chance to look up every once and a while to notice. I am.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

No No for Buchholz

Saturday night turned out to be a memorable evening at Fenway Park in Boston. With Tim Wakefield sidelined due to injury, Clay Buchholz got the call for his second spot start of the season, after winning his only other major league start against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on August 17th.

The fact Buchholz took the mound again isn't too big a surprise. With today marking the expansion of team rosters to 40 players, there were bound to be a few of the young guns called up, but Buchholz has had a lot of buzz surrounding him since the season started. Mind you, when the season started, Clay was pitching for the Portland Sea Dogs, Boston's AA affiliate. And what a season he was having for the Sea Dogs. Touted as the #2 prospect in the Red Sox organization, he travelled to San Francisco to take part in the Future's Game during the All Star break. A month later, after being bumped up to Pawtucket, he found himself a major league winner for the first time.

On Saturday, September 1st, Buchholz made history in Boston. Perhaps it wasn't enough for him to be called up to spot start for a team that is trying to finish the season strong after 4 straight loses and being swept by New York. Mixing up his pitches with 92 mile per hour fastballs, curves, and change-ups, the innings started to go by the way side, but yet there was silence as the totals were stacking up on the Boston side, Baltimore's column read all zeros. And thus when the 9th inning came around and the Fenway faithful all on their feet, the excitement was in the air. This young kid couldn't help but just have close to a perfect game. For his boyish face and wry frame, Clat Buchholz made a mockery out of the Baltimore line-up. (Let's not forget the help he received from great plays by Dustin Pedroia and Coco Crisp) And with a called third strike, on a curve ball, to end the game, Clay Buchholz not only accomplished one of the most difficult achievements in baseball; he did it in only his second start. Oh, it would be silly to forget, Clay Buchholz's no hitter against the Baltimore Orioles on September 1, 2007 was the first by a Boston Red Sox rookie, ever. Congrats!