Sunday, November 4, 2007

An over-hyped game that was prime for a letdown

Some called it "SuperBowl Forty-one and a half," but quite frankly, today's game between the Patriots and the Colts was perhaps less entertaining than most of the other games in the league. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but really, if it weren't for the two touchdown comeback in the final 9 minutes by the Patriots - led by the always poised Tom Brady - all the football pundits would be talking about the game that really wasn't. And yet that's just what's on the surface. The people that talk about the game on TV and on the radio have to talk to the masses; therefore, they might not talk ab out what really went on in this game - domination by the Colts for 51 minutes. That's right! The first 51 minutes was all about defense and the Colt's running game - both were amazing and apparently caught the 9-0 Patriots off guard. Being from Maine, you can imagine that I am pleased with the result, but I'm not fooled. The final score was very deceiving and the re-match in the playoffs should be interesting.


rel=nofollowJules said...

It was certainly a nail biter, with some bad calls by the refs.