Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where's the digital camera when you need it?

What a great long weekend we had up here in Maine at Sunday River ski resort. Cold temperatures allowed for non-stop snowmaking and terrain expansion, lots of friends were buzzing around the resort, and the last three days had nothing but bluebird skies. Of course that would be the exact time I would forget to bring my digital camera. While I plan to do a write-up of the Matterhorn Ski Bar, it would have been handy to have had my Canon PowerShot SD620 to capture some of the great and unique images inside. Yes, I can go back and get the same shots of the bar and restaurant, but it was also a great night out with Jules, Bob, and Marcia and it would have been nice to capture the evening on film.
Speaking of my camera, one of the best features I found last year was the video option. Granted, you can’t exactly make a movie and the zooming is a little limited, but Jules and I enjoyed taking turns making small clips of us skiing, which I was able to edit into shorts uploads for YouTube.
As Christmas nears, I’m looking at some new Canon and Nikon cameras as possible upgrades, but after seeing a homemade ski film made of the course of last year and made by my friends Tanya and Walter, I’m seriously considering buying a camcorder so I can make a ski movie of my own. While I was hesitant because I don’t know how to edit, Tanya assured me that the programs are fairly simple and she was able to do everything for East Meets West on her computer. Of course I could always film five minute segments and edit them together with my digital camera as well. Lot of possibilities these days!