Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Was Jim Rice robbed?

I think so. In his 14th year of eligibility for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Rice, who played his whole career for the Boston Red Sox, lost out on a spot in the hall by a mere 16 votes, a very slim margin and no doubt a bunch of writers whop are still a little upset he wasn't more talkative back in the 70's. Regardless, this is not me being some die-hard Red Sox fan saying he should get in, but instead, I've listened to other, mainly Yankees fans and players who say he should be there. Why? Because whenever he got up to the plate, they feared what he would do. His stats are borderline and he never won a ring, but there are a few other players who are in with the same or lessor stats. Next year will be his final year to appear on the ballot. I hope some people can get out of the past and send this man to Cooperstown.