Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The perfect time of day!

While I may have slept through my alarm for about 20 minutes this morning... check that - both alarms, it certainly wasn't for a lack of want to get up. Having gotten my gear together last night, my dad and I set off to Sunday River. Dad hadn't skied in well over a year and I was pleased to be able to spend some quality time with him in the mountains. Although a little apprehensive at first, he took to the snow like he had just skied yesterday and his smile was priceless. Of course, being the un-retired, retired man that he is, he had to leave after lunch, which we had we Julie's folks. It was a successful first day out for him and I really hope he gets back soon. My dad was the first one to bring me on the snow and there is no better way to spend a day.
Having skied a few more runs with Julie's parents and then several others on my own, I had to pack up the car before the day had ended at Sunday River. With a darkening sky and dropping temps, I had about a 30 mile trek west to Shawnee Peak, the site of my weekly corporate racing league. I normally leave from work, but given that I didn't work today, I actually skied, took off all my gear, drove 45 minutes cross-country, put another set of gear on at a different mountain, and then raced. Yes, it was exhausting, but fabulous. While parking, I saw Tanya and Walter and had a good chuckle as they, too, had come from Sunday River and happen to be on my team.
And then it happened. That moment that words just can't describe - one of those that you really sort of have to be there to understand or even appreciate. About two-thirds of the way up the summit triple, I look north towards the White Mountain and Mahoussac Mountains. Being around 4:00pm, the sun was beginning to duck down behind the mountains, but wasn't quite finished with the day. Having come from that very direction, I could see the massive banks of cumulus clouds that created the snow squalls earlier in the day and behind them, the sun was trying to fight its' way through - turning the tops of the clouds a burnt orange color and illuminating the sky. I was breathless and awestruck at the same time. My cold toes and face were no longer a matter. Work wasn't a concern. Everything was peaceful and okay. It was indeed, the perfect time of day.


rel=nofollowStanley said...

I tried skiing a few months ago and I say it was really painful. I crashed into my trainer so many times :)