Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is Time Square really that great?

I'm really not as cynical as I am going to come across and I really don't have anything at all against a good party of anyone who wants to have a good party, but I know I'm not the only one who is sick of New Years Eve celebrations. I mean come on, do we really need three networks, plus cable, carrying different broadcasts of one million people crammed into Times Square with no bathrooms, just to see the ball drop? I just don't get it. Perhaps you'll ask if I've been to Times Square for this event and the answer is no, but I was living in London for one New Years and that was crazy enough... or so I'm told. Conversely, I was in Zurich for New Years one year and I don't think anyone even knew or if they did, they sure as hell weren't playing concerts on every street corner because they needed a new calendar.
My point is only that people make way too much out of a holiday that really has not substance. While almost all Americans have New Years' Day off, nearly half have to work on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, which is also a federal holiday. What is wrong with this picture? Just my random thoughts for the evening. Feel free to disagree!


rel=nofollowMyChronicLife said...

I lived in NY for 22 years and have never been to Times Square for New Years Eve. It's too darn cold (I guess that's why I'm living in Florida now) and it's crazy with drunk people all over.

Now if you want a good time, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC is fantastic. Of course I haven't been there in ages. When I did go you could drink openly on the street and get as drunk and happy as you pleased. You didn't fear for your life and it was just a lot of fun! Ah the good ole days.
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rel=nofollowT. said...

You know, I never went to Times Square either, but everyone who does seems to enjoy it so much that I've resolved to do it at least once.

rel=nofollowblaine_fridley said...

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"Is Times Square really that great?"

No! While it's something everyone should see at least's crowded and obnoxious enough on a regular day and I can't imagine how brutal it would be to hang out there on New Year's.
I agree with mychroniclife about the St. Patties day parade. However, the gay pride parade trumps it.