Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soy candles... Who knew?

I don’t know what it is about this time of year – aside from the holidays, but I’ve been hearing a lot about candles. People I know talk about their favorite brands, brands or manufacturers they got as gifts, and even different types of candles. That last one sort of caught me off guard as I pretty much thought a candle was a candle, but apparently I am way off base with that assumption. I recently came across a website for a company that sells soy candles. They’re completely biodegradable, come in all the same scents as paraffin candles, and are even reusable. Caterpillar Creations is a great place to not only check out a huge selection of wholesale soy candles, but they have a lot of cool stuff like information on how the candles are made, facts, and other fun stuff you might not expect.


CandleLover1968 said...

I love caterpillar candles they are really nice, what I can't understand is how their prices on unscented tea lights are almost double that of other websites. One example is barbscountrygifts.com, they sell 9 tealights for 6.99 and then their is realsoy.com which sells 12 unscented soy tealights for $6.99. Why are prices so different as I have tried all 3 and find that they are all the same. But I have to give it to caterpillars, they have overall the best scented candles.