Monday, January 14, 2008

Have you uploaded your 15 minutes of fame?

Sadly, I can’t recall if I’ve already had my “fifteen minutes of fame” as of yet. I mean what is fame really; certainly not the reference to which Andy Warhol made famous in the previous sentence. These days I could have my name in the paper and folks up here in Maine would name a street after me, but then again, the aforementioned happened quite a bit and I’m pretty sure there are no thoroughfares with my name attached. Regardless, it seems that the increasingly popular way for people to try and make a name for themselves – if only for a split second – is through the Internet and media outlets therein. And while there are some large websites that generate tons of traffic and uploaded videos from those people trying to have a little fun and maybe catch a break, I have to admit that I don’t have time to sift through all of it. That is until I found YawpBox. The great thing about Yawpbox is that it’s really east for me to navigate and the videos are longer and in my opinion, better because they are made for a particular topic like the Lex & Terry Challenge. If you’ve ever had a mullet, Lex & Terry not only want to know about it, they want to see it. Quite frankly, we all do. So if you want to reach a large audience without have to worry about getting lost in the shuffle, check out Yawpbox today!