Monday, January 21, 2008

Let Trusted Tours & Attractions be your guide to San Francisco!

There’s a certain allure to San Francisco, which is hard to put to words, but has been drawing artists and writers to this famous city for decades. From the cable cars descending the super-steep streets towards Union Square to the massive and historic Golden Gate Bridge, to the chilly and whitecap-covered San Francisco bay, the attractions and wonders – both natural and manmade – are almost countless. If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco, you should check out Trusted Tours & Attractions and check out one of their San Francisco Tours.
My first visit to the “city by the bay” was when I was 10-years old. I recall my parents bringing my brother, sister, and I out to Alcatraz Island to tour the famous prison. The crumbling brick and concrete walls reminded me of an abandoned war fort after a battle had long since been fought. While I was a little too young to truly understand the intricacies of all the famous prisoner names and the history behind the walls, I remember begin eerily spooked as we were guided through various cellblocks by the park ranger. And than when we got to one of the solitary confinement blocks, the ranger asked for volunteers to be locked in on of the solitary cells so we could experience the darkness the prisoners had, decades before. How I ended up with the rest of the volunteers in that cell, I don’t know. I suspect my brother had something to do with it, but the one thing that I will recall forever was that after about twenty seconds inside; the ranger shouted that he’d lost the key. Apparently he’s gotten the rest of the tour to go along with him and it was quite convincing to a ten-year-old. Where I really had only been crying for a couple minutes by the time he’d gotten the heavy steel door open, I was embarrassed as I had no idea that such a prank was standard fare on the tour.
If you’d like to bring your kids to Alcatraz or any number of great American cities, Trusted Tours & Attractions has a variety of sightseeing tours in countries from coast to coast. And while you might not know what tour or city you’d like to visit, they have a great newsletter to subscribe to. All people that sign-up for their newsletter will be entered into a contest to win a handheld GPS.