Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pay-Per-Play can help your site earn what it's worth!

I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this post, you are a member of a social networking site or at the very least, you have a blog. Either way, you have a grasp on the huge amount of programming and design that goes into these sites and how everyday they become more advanced and flashy. Not surprisingly, you can click on a myspace page or a personal blog and listen to a song, see some animation, or even watch a video. What is surprising is that these possibilities are still largely untouched by major marketing and advertising firms. The technology I’m referring to is called Pay-Per-Play and is the simple method of advertisers placing 5-second video ads on web pages. Perhaps you think 5 seconds isn’t much for an ad, but the truth of it is that all it takes is for someone’s attention to be grabbed and the advertiser has them – 5-second videos do this and Pay-Per-Play advertising is growing immensely popular by the day. Net Audio Ads is firm that wants to get you involved by offering interested site owners the chance to place 5-second videos on their sites. So what’s in it for you? Well, if you sign up before February 1, 2008, you will not only earn money each time the video plays on your site, but your will also earn money each time a video is played on the site of someone you have referred and indeed sites they have referred. And while it’s free to sign up and have the chance to earn a ton of money, the three tier affiliate program will be gone after February 1st. Yes, you’ll still be able to get paid for videos played on your site, but only those who act now, as in today, will have the triple earning power long after February 1st has come and gone.


Anonymous said...

Have you actually posted the code on your site yet? Placing the code seems a little involved. I wanted to know if anyone had actually done it. Thanks!

rel=nofollowHye said...

I've heard about it.. but they say it irritates the readers... so I hesitated to put PPP in my blog. BTW, are you interested to exchange links with me? Check it out and tell me if you do. Thanks :D

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rel=nofollowWarhammer Online said...

Let's hope that it will be as good as it seems and will not be a flop.

rel=nofollowEasyPPP - Get Paid To Blog said...

Pay Per Play could be a very big thing for many blog and website owners. Definetly worth looking into if you have a website or blog. They have desigend the system to reduce the 'annoying' factory quite a bit, without reducing the revenue for webmasters.

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rel=nofollowrodper said...

Olá: Gosto do seu blog. Assuntos variados, informações interessantes. Artigos bem escritos. Enfim sabe bem visitar este blog.
Tenha muito sucesso, e se me fizer uma visita, dê a sua opinião. É sempre importante para mim, saber o que os outros pensam.
Até breve.