Monday, January 7, 2008

Grab your next used car at BuyYourCar!

Unless you live on the moon, only ride a bike, or just so happen to walk everywhere, you’ve noticed that gas process have not only gone through the roof, but there is seemingly no end in sight. And while living on the moon may in fact preclude you from watching television, anyone on earth would be hard-pressed to not see commercial after commercial with advertising trying to sell you cars. What I’ve really noticed as of late is that the prices of cars are dropping nearly as fast as real estate. Why? Less people are wanted to get into a new car and incur more cost while the cost to actually run the cars is on the rise. And quite frankly, I think that this will translate into two things. First, less new cars will be bought and sold in the US and UK over the next year. Second, there will be a demand for quality pre-owned and Used Cars. More and more people are shopping for those used cars online and one great place to check out the deals is BuyYouCar has a fabulous selection, but offer some intangibles that normal automated sites leave out. My favorite is that you can get a car history report from them for the car you’re looking at because they are just as aware and concerned about scammers as they rest of us.


rel=nofollowMiss Mota Mouth said...

Hi Jerry! Nice post! I write about this kind of stuff frequently but more US-centrically. Just wanted to say hi!