Friday, January 18, 2008

Paid time off and stress don't mix

Given that it’s the end of the week and I don’t ever take time off for lunch, I thought that instead, I would take a few minutes from work and write some thoughts down, specifically, I’ve been thinking about stress lately. I guess one could say that I have a particularly stressful job, but frankly, who am I to say that mine is any more stressful than others? I suppose that most of it is subjective. There are many of us that actually feed on stress, but I think there is a point to which that actually becomes a mute point. For instance, most employees get paid time off so they can get away, relax, and not have to deal with the stress of work. This is surely the case in my job, but yet I often feel a ton more stress before and after going on vacation. Consequently, I sometimes worry about work while on vacation. Now I’ve been working on ending this and it’s been getting better, but it’s just a thought I have had and discussed with co-workers recently.


rel=nofollowLifeStyle Solutions for Stress said...

Congratulations. Identifying what is causing you stress is the first step in managing stress in your life. You can take it a step further by writing down what you think might happen while you are away on vacation and then applying a percentage formula indicating how likely that is to occur. Being in the insurance industry, would are familiar with that process. Best of luck, Denise Williams, CLC