Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not my typical Sunday morning...

There are lessons to be learned everyday. It seems, though, that this week I've had more than my fair share of lessons I need to apply to my life. After a night of inclement weather for ski racing on Wednesday evening, it seems that in my rush to get back to Portland to pick up my folks at the airport, I left my helmet and new goggles at the mountain. A random mistake? Well, it would be if I didn't do the same exact thing at the same mountain after a race last March... Thankfully, some folks were honest and I got an email today indicating that the mountain is holding them for me.
Here at Sunday River I enjoyed the skiing so much yesterday that I left my cell phone in the owners locker room in the condo building. Again thankfully, a friend found it and brought it upstairs.
This morning I woke to a pounding migraine around 6:00 am. At around 7:00, my alarm clock went off and the throbbing was so back I couldn't move. BY the time I actually was able to get out of bed, everyone had hit the slopes and I as feeling ill. Taking inventory of the yesterday, I realized that whereas I may have had coffee and soda I had pretty much no water - big mistake. I know about hydration and normally do a good job with it, but I have a hard time thinking that my migraine was at least partly caused by this. Regardless, after some Advil and a healthy helping of water, I made it out and onto the mountain and while the conditions were a little slippery, the weather was unbeatable.
The latter (the skiing) is where I choose to start my new week and on my way home I may pick up a pack of labels so I stop loosing my belongings...