Thursday, January 10, 2008

A negative endorsement for Obama?

Former Presidential candidate and current junior US Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry, threw his two cents into these early primary elections. Nope, he didn't opine as to weather he was pulling for Romney, but instead made a surprise endorsement of Barrack Obama. While many may have expected Kerry to come out and support John Edwards, I think we all know that Kerry may have already flip-flopped and changed his mind about the endorsement, but I would hedge a bet that his second choice would be Billary. Why? This is a two person race, regardless of how long the other democratic candidates stay in it and Kerry would love an appointment of some sort. That's not gonna come from Edwards. As for Obama, this may have been more negative than positive, but realistically it was most likely neither unless he were to campaign with Mr. Botox himself.


rel=nofollowNatalie said...

I'm lost...who is Mr. Botox? Sorry, maybe I'm slow. LOL!

I like Obama...I'm worried that Oprah's endorsement will hurt him more than anything. I swear, celebrities need to stay out of politics.

Oh and isn't it baseball season yet? This winter is getting too long! LOL! I changed the look at my blog...come take a look!