Thursday, January 3, 2008

Huckabee and Obama winners, but will Iowa be the answer?

Hmmm. Sorry if I again sound a little cynical, but quite frankly, I've already heard too much about the primaries/caucuses and the first one just happened. The mere fact that New Hampshire had to move up their primary to remain first in the nation is just proof that politics is still far-more about perception that actuality.
For example, let's look at tonight's winner in the Iowa caucuses. I've heard some reporters saying that Barrack Obama's and Mike Huckabee's wins were upsets... Really? Perhaps these journalists haven't spent much time out in Iowa, I know I haven't, but I'm well aware of the political landscape there and I know how important religion is to the voters there. So sure, there was going to be a huge advantage for Mike Huckabee. Yes, Romney was an early leader, but he swayed lately, to take jabs at John McCain, which may have made sense starting tomorrow, but I think it cost him some votes in Iowa. More importantly, his attacks on Huckabee cost him all of Iowa. On the democratic side, the winner is no surprise. Obama speaks to the Midwestern voters more than Hillary Clinton could ever, but the true surprise is that as of this hour, Clinton is actually in third behind the ever-charismatic, but rarely substantive John Edwards.
Regardless of any the results from tonight, I don't think that Iowa will do much of anything to shape voters minds prior to other caucuses and primaries. The leader on the GOP side, Rudy Giuliani, didn't even campaign in Iowa and on the democratic side, are there people who really don't have a Clinton/Obama preference? Perhaps, but I doubt it. What this could do is really fire up the Clinton political engine. A third place finish would not sit well with the former first family and you can bet that the attack ads would start flying.
I'll continue to watch, read, and follow the election season because I find it interesting, but let's not get too carried away with tonight's results to think that anything very definitive, aside from Chris Dodd (D-CT) dropping out this evening, will happen before Super Tuesday when many of the delegates for the respective conventions will be decided.


rel=nofollowT. said...

Yeah, I admit the true shock is that car salesman Edwards is actually second.

rel=nofollowLeah PettePiece said...

Having spent a good part of my adult life deeply involved in Democratic politics I feel a duty here to speak up about yesterdays debate between Hillary Clinton whom I support and Barack Hussein Obama. From the moment I first heard him speak there has been
a deep fear in my soul that there is something fundamentally wrong about this man, Barack Hussein Obama. Why is it I wonder that the media is so hell bent on making him the candidate for the Democratic parry? Why is it that when I search the internet trying to vet this guy who came out of nowhere into the 2008 Presidential race that what I am able to investigate always leads to the same dead end road? Why is it that his vet papers look fake to me? First thing I did was try to see if there was normal record of his birth, but to no avail, supposedly he was born in KaPi'oloni Medical Center in Hawaii but when attempting to certify this is simply put impossible. Then there are those first 8 years of so of his life spent in Jakarta, and the fact that he went to an Islamic Midrasa in Jakarta, which for me runs up another red flag on the guy. I spent most of my life as a social worker, and I am usually a very good investigator when it comes to people so I find it extremely odd that Barack Hussein Obama didn't attend a regular English speaking school for the beginning of his education. Why would that bother me? Well let me explain something that most people do not know, a child's personality, the grounding of who a child becomes as an adult is formulated by years 0-8, what we refer to as the "formative" years. It is during this time that a child learns who to like, or not like,what to believe in, or not to believe in as well as who is the enemy and who is not the enemy. Having lived in the far east I can tell you that people who send their children to Midrasa are teaching them to be tolerant, loving, inclusive or caring of all people. No indeed, they are teaching them exactly the opposite, they are teaching them to hate Jews and westerners, and they also teach them to wear an impenetrable mask that makes them appear innocent of this hatred. Is this a man that I would want to see become the President of the United States? I will answer that with a resounding NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! This country does not need a President who can not speak forthrightly of their upbringing, we do not need a President who has a questionable past at best, and one that is not forthright and honest in their personal life! Would I vote for Barack Hussein Obama if I were African American instead of Russian Jew American? NO AGAIN! Would you trust this guy with your bank account? Would you trust him with your child's education? Would you trust him to watch over your affairs if you couldn't get a straight answer as to where he came from, and who had the most influence on him in his childhood? NO AND NO AGAIN!
Hillary Clinton may not have Barack Husein Obama's supposed "charisma" but she certainly can be vetted all the way back to her first breathe in life, and that America is the most important issue in this entire campaign, we watched as she was humiliated by her husbands behavior but still brave and true enough to hold her head high and go on with her life! We can look at her records both as a public person and as a political person and see that what she stands for is what serves the people of this country best! She is forthright and honest, true to her words and honest about her faults! Wake up America, Barack Husein Obama is NOT a Kennedy, he is not even a Martin Luther King, he has appeared out of nowhere and become a media ICON, yes the media and their hype is what has raised him to the position he is now in. In character he is weak, he is unabashedly the most media promoted presidential candidate that I have known in 62 years of life, Nixon's failures didn't even get the kind of courting and attention that Barack Hussein OBama has, the war in Iraq pales in comparison to his coverage! This morning I listened as Kinky Friedman mused "Is he the Anti Christ", and I ask that same question of myself, is Barack Huesein Obama the Anti Christ? I can't say for certain but he certainly has a strange and undisclosed childhood, and all my years of working with at risk youth has taught me that until you get to the bottom of who this man was as a child, and where he was schooled, and what his true belief system is, you really don't know the man!
I implore you American Democrats PLEASE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK, remember that politics are cloaked in smoke and mirrors, this Barack Hussein Obama could be a snake in the grass who has worked his magic so well that he becomes the next President of this country. Please believe me when I say, I want to know much more about this man, and I believe that as American Citizens we have the right to some very pertinent answers before we wake up on November 3rd, 2008 to find that we have been duped into believing that Barack Hussein Obama is a saint come to rescue us from our many grief's!
There are far too many questions left unanswered for this person to be who he claims to be, I urge every Democrat who is contemplating voting for Barack Hussein Obama to vet him on your own, and perhaps then you will see that a tried and known commodity is worth much more than an unknown knock off!