Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great tips to be found on

Being fairly new to blogging in general, I was surprised to find out that a successful blog has far more components than just good articles you think people want to read. When pointed to, I found insight that will hopefully continue to make my blog better and obtain a more diverse readership.
For many, blogging is a business and it's very important that people actually visit your site. Not unlike promoting a book or novel, you need to promote your blog with good old fashioned leg work, but then how do you know you're actually reaching your readers? has a wonderful article on why Alexa is a good idea for those seeking to a way to track their traffic. Speaking of promotion, the folks at are running a promotion for the month of October called Buzz Your BLOGFEST, which is a unique opportunity for your site to be reviewed and perhaps bring a few extra visitors!


rel=nofollowConnie said...

Very useful site. Thanks for the info. I'll be visiting and reading up. Gotta get that PR up right!

rel=nofollowInvestorBlogger said...

Thanks for the blog Buzz... I'll be doing yours tonight (Monday!)...

Best Wishes