Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Make the call with iConnectHere.com

Have you noticed that less and less people are relying on traditional landlines for telephone service? The Internet and wireless technology have taken over almost every facet of our communication channels and while you may think that you need to order Broadband Phone service through your cable provider to get a great rate, you don’t. With the advent of VoIP technology, you can make phone calls over the same Broadband connection your cable provider utilizes for a fraction of the cost most bundles Broadband phone providers.
iConnectHere.com offers a variety of calling plans including PC to phone and phone to phone services for as little as $5.95 a month. iConnectHere.com offers unique small business solutions, great international calling rates, bundle plans to suit your needs.
Having trouble setting up your free Broadband Phone Adaptor? iConnectHere customer service representatives will call you to help get you started. All this with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and sign-up bonus!