Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm not a traitor, really!

I should preface by saying that I wouldn't blog so much about the Sox if it were not for the fact that they have a chance to win their second World Series in two years. My blog - being topically random - should and will have more variety, but again, the World Series is pretty special.
Anyway, to the point of my title, I am saying that I am not a traitor because I admittedly want the Red Sox to only win one game in Colorado. I know, I know; you can't have your cake and eat it too, thus I would be Happy for them to win the Series at all, but ideally, it would be sooooo much better for them to win the Series at Fenway, especially since it's been over eight decades since it has happened. Two losses, or even three in Colorado is very possible. Hell, The Rockies have the heart and talent to take this Series, I just think they - like the Indians - are a year or two away from being a team like Boston. All of that said, The Rockies could win the Series and I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it 'cause they're not the Yankees or Mets, but yes, I would be upset. I don't take the Sox for granted, but they are a good team, who could sweep this series, so all I am saying is that it would be cool to see a World Series end in Fenway. Aside from the Sox throwing games like the "Black Sox," I don't see that happening this year.
It's actually a little strange being a fan of the Red Sox when they are expected to win. None of us grew up with such an aura surrounding the team. Regardless, I want the Sox to win and ultimately it doesn't matter if it's in Denver or Boston, the banner will look exactly the same, I hope.


rel=nofollowCulture Shiok! said...

Thanks! Do drop by my humble blog again and hope you can learn a bit about Singapore

rel=nofollowJerry Allen said...

BAH...I dont care WHERE they win it as long as they WIN IT! Id love to see a sweep.

Break out the brooms!