Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Sox hope to keep momentum going into game two

Red Sox players probably learned a lesson or two from the seven game series with the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. First, they learned that the Indians have one tough team that will be a thorn in the collective American League's side for years to come. More importantly, they learned that a switch in momentum can happen with one play or one inning. You let up a second against a team like the Indians or yes, The Colorado Rockies, and you'll pay. Granted, the Sox looked very strong in their 13-1 victory Wednesday night, but the Sox looked very strong in game one of the ALCS. As Clevelnad bounced back to trounce the Sox in extra innings in game two and go on to win three in a row, the Sox may have overcome a some adversity that makes them a better team in this World Series. While the arm of Curt Schilling will be tested tonight, it will be the bats of the Sox lineup that will be under the microscope. The bats stay hot, the Sox win. The bats go cold, well, let's just say that coming back from a 3-1 series deficit made for exciting baseball.


rel=nofollowmadamspud169 said...

I hope you getto enjoy your game and that it's a real nail biter.
Those exciting, sit on the edge of the sofa games don't happen as often as they should but I hope this is a good one for you.

Thanks for visiting one of my blogs & thanks especially for the compliment.

rel=nofollowKaren said...

Thanks for the compliment on my blog about my writing. I needed that today!

rel=nofollowJerry Allen said...

All I gotta say, from a Southern Boy 2who married a Boston girl...GO SOX! I have to pull for the Sox or sleep on the couch...the same couch that will get thrown in the yard with me if I DONT pull for the Sox. :D

rel=nofollowTrey said...

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rel=nofollowJay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

hey, i'm from boston, i'd be stoned if i cheered for the rockies lol. but the bats weren't TOO hot but managed to pull off a close win!


Anonymous said...

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