Thursday, October 4, 2007

Are you in debt up to your eyeballs?

If you watch an hour of television a night or perhaps listen to a baseball game on the radio, chances are, you’ll see and hear a variety of advertisements for financial consolidation and resources of all sorts.

The fact is that people who were able to afford what they could a few years ago, may not be able to do so today. You read about the credit crunch on Wall Street every day and know that millions of Americans need to refinance their current mortgages or risk losing their homes.

America is obsessed with spending and I think that this affect all of us in some way. I can’t sit hear and tell you I’ve never carried a credit card balance. It does seem like more and more people are getting into trouble with huge credit card debt and let’s face it; if you don’t take care of it now, your credit rating can be ruined for a long time.

And yet the most surprising advertisements that I’ve heard over the radio in recent months and even days, have to due with tax debt. I always thought that if you did pay your taxes, the IRS came after you and you went to jail, but apparently the IRS now works with companies to help people pay back taxes owed.

I’m glad that I have tabs on my financial situation, but all one has to do is read the business section of their local paper or the Wall Street Journal to realize that debt is at an all time high in the United States. If you’ve got a problem with financial debt or credit – get on top of it before it’s too late!