Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taking this whole Chuck Norris thing a bit too far!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard a few of people's favorite "Chuck Norris Facts." While Chuck has been mostly relegated to cable syndication and late night infomercials, he has amassed quite a cult following for his 80's movies and his long run with the television show, Walker, Texas Ranger.
I indeed have a few favorites when it comes to "Chuck Norris Facts." Hell, I even made up a couple and shared them with Jules and her friends, but I'm going to keep this post a PC as possible. Whether you take it all in jest or you're truly a fan of the man, I think we can agree that some people take some things a little too far. I admittedly almost wet myself when I saw this picture. This is the number one reason to NOT try to emulate the master himself... and no this isn't me, but thanks for asking!


rel=nofollowClayton said...

That picture frightens me in ways I cannot fully explain 0_0

rel=nofollowJerry Graffam said...

I couldn't agree more, Clayton!

rel=nofollowclairec23 said...

The person who took that photo truely has excellent timing :)