Friday, October 12, 2007

I guess I'll flip-flop a little

Just two days ago, I wrote right here that reviewing novels or books should be kept to those with the expertise to do so. While I still agree with that... two days later, I feel compelled to comment on a movie recently saw. Nope, I'm not an expert on movies, but I think I know a little about motion pictures. My opinions probably differ greatly to those of the Hollywood pundits and the Oscar watchers, but I'm okay with that. We all have our subjective tastes and favorite film genres. My favorite, probably either thrillers or sci-fi, but I still watch a wide range of movies.
As Halloween approaches, I've yet to see Rob Zombie's take on the holiday classic, but I did stop in to Blockbuster the other night after 28 Weeks Later came out. Part of me wanted to see if the filmmakers would again take the notion of zombies to another level like they did with the original release, 28 Days Later. Another part of me was intrigued by how this film actually got acclaim. And there was also the part of me that always enjoys taking a trip back to my teenage days as an ex-patriot living in London.
What I found was surprising in that the sequel actually seemed to have more of a plot than the original. It certainly had a bigger budget and I felt that the cinematography and special effects were excellent. In my very subjective opinion, I thought the movie was pretty good. What does that mean? Truly nothing more than that it entertained me. I don't see any awards in the works, but to say it kept me on the edge of my seat would be agreeable.
For folks that like graphic violence and gore, this is your type of movie. I don't really fit into that category, but I actually found myself caring enough about the characters to see past it. So while I don't want to give anything away regarding the plot, I will say that anyone wanting to escape to a world even more terrifying and disturbing than our own should rent this movie. I wouldn't; however, recommend it to families or the faint at heart.


rel=nofollowTina Kubala said...

I'm not much for "expert" opinion on movie, TV and books. I'd rather hear from a like minded person. For every art work, there's a person who'll love it and other's who'll hate it. It's okay to speak your mind.