Tuesday, October 2, 2007

SKI Magazine screws it up again...

Yep, SKI magazine has done it again, they've made a mockery out of ski resort ratings in the most recent issue. It's no surprise, they do it every year. The magazine says that the rankings are all based on readers votes and I can see it to some degree, but there need to be some disclosure when ranking the tops 25 resorts in the country. There's the obvious aspect - I'm not overlooking - which is that resort ranking are are completely subjective, but even still, I SOOOOO find it heard to believe that a majority of the readers polled chose Deer Valley as the number one resort in the land.

Better than Whistler/Blackcomb... REALLY?
Better than Vail... REALLY?
Better than Aspen, Telluride, Snowmass, Heavenly, Squaw Valley... REALLY????

I think that the problem is that out of all the categories, SKI gives a lot more points for bed turn-down service than it does for say, skiing. They put more weight into valet parking than say, variety of terrain.

I think you get my point. Yes, Deer Valley is a wonderful resort that offer the very best of everything, but unless you are Joe Millionaire, it's not the place for you. Head over to Park City Mountain Resort for much better terrain. Another 5 minutes to the Canyons for the most terrain. Hell, get out of PC and head to Cottonwood Canyon for the BEST snow, but please, leave Deer Valley off such lists. Your magazine losses a lot of credibility with such nonsense.


rel=nofollowHeather in Beautiful BC said...

Deer Valley??? Hmmmm... never even heard of it!

Thanks for the links - I'll certainly add you :)

rel=nofollowJerry Graffam said...

You're from BC. You know your stuff!