Thursday, October 25, 2007

A chance to make us all better drivers

Have you noticed that more and more car insurance companies are offering premium discounts for safe driving? It would be hard to miss the commercials on television, but that doesn’t mean that many drivers fit the bill. Sure, there are plenty of drivers with great driving records and no accidents, but that clearly doesn’t mean that they are truly driving safely. It isn’t something we necessarily think about until something happens to bring it to the forefront of our minds.
Interestingly, there is a new company from California that has developed an in-car diagnostic system – linked to an online server – that provides instant feedback while you drive. Brake too hard, a monitor will tell you. Accelerate too quickly and the system will let you know. The point behind the GreenRoad Safety center is to help drivers improve on the little things that can add up to big problems. While it may take a while to catch on, as people see their car insurance premium rates climb, they may take a closer look at just how safely they are driving.


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It's like a single arrow hitting two targets....