Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday nights in St. Augustine

I had first visit to St. Augustine, Florida when I was just 8-years old. I had heard the legend that city, said to be the oldest settlement in the America, was home to the Fountain of Youth. Whereas I’m clearly no longer 8-years old, I would be remiss to say that the fountain doesn’t house unique power. People still flock to the city from all ever the world. And yes the Fountain of Youth is just one of the attractions people come to St. Augustine for. Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is home to the Mission of Nombre de Dios, which is believed to be the first permanent mission settlement in the United States. Settled and established by the Spanish, the Mission of Nombre de Dios is also home to Our Lady of La Leche.
So perhaps you’re not very interested in religion and visiting a historical landmark isn’t exactly your idea of a good time on a Saturday night; well not too worry, St. Augustine shopping is also world renowned, especially on the last Saturday night of every month, when boutiques, galleries, and antique stores in the Uptown San Marco Shopping District, stay open with live music, refreshments, and free parking. With November 24th and December 29th still remaining on the 2007 calendar, don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the culture, explore the historic city, and browse the fine shops of St. Augustine.