Sunday, October 28, 2007

As a fan of the game...

I've admired every minute of watching the World Series at Coors Field in Denver. Granted, the Sox having been doing well, but the atmosphere looks electric, despite the seemingly bleak outlook for the home team. In last night's game the Rockies were down 6-0 and while in other parks, fans would be making their way for the exits, the 50,000 plus Rockies fans were still roaring and cheering their team on. As a fan of the game and sportsmanship in general, this is what we love to see. And while the 3-run homer by Matt Halliday wasn't enough to put the Rockies over the hump, they hung in the game like they'd been there before, and that my friends, bodes well for baseball in Denver for a long time to come, not matter the outcome of this series.