Monday, October 15, 2007

Sports Talk Radio

Admittedly, I am somewhat fascinated by sports talk radio. Why, you ask? Well, that's a good question and as a sports fan, I'd never thought about it prior to this afternoon as I was driving home from work. And then after about five calls in a row - all about the exact same topic, I got to wondering why some people can't just leave well enough alone. Seriously, it's like a for or against debate that goes on for hours at a time and I'm totally captivated by it. I guess it's sort of like a daytime television talk show without actually seeing the people who have garnered your attention. How into it am I? Alas, I'm just a listener when I'm in the car or shaving et cetera, but don't be fooled; many of the listeners are a religious about their favorite sports talk shows as anything else in their lives. Some call daily and are known by name by the host or hosts. Others even have on-air names like "Carolina Guy" or "Boston Lou." and yet while I sit here and contemplate how odd the whole concept seems to me - because I truly do listen for scores and news more than anything - there are thousands of people who listen to these shows who think exactly the same about people who express themselves or connect with others through blogs. Go figure...