Friday, October 12, 2007

Top of the 5th... and then GAME OVER! 10-3

And the Boston Red Sox are on top 5-1! Maybe I'll write more later...

and I rejoin you after a little shakiness from Eric Gagne, but nonetheless a fairly complete game by the Sox. Lots of timely hits and the Indians had to use a lot of pitching they probably would have liked to have saved. Tomorrow night's gonna be a tough night. I'll be curious to see which Schilling shows up. I hope it's the blood-sock Schilling!



rel=nofollowNatalie said...

Last night was a good game to say the least! I love the playoffs, and Beckett was in top form (other than the homer in the first...but it was surrounded by strikeouts, so who am I to complain?). I have my tv set to switch to the game when it starts and I'm anxiously waiting. Go Sox!