Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do you have some old favorite TV shows you'd like to see again?

I sure do, but despite the seemingly far reach of Netflix, Blockbuster, and Amazon.com., there are just some shows that will never make it to DVD. If you're lucky, you may find a pirated version on eBay, but you'll pay dearly for it. Take for example the show High Mountain Rangers from 1987. High Mountain Who? You ask! Okay, so Robert Conrad may not have made a ton of hits outside the western genre, but at least he got his whole family involved. I paid about $10 for 3 episodes, which is a lot, but you can't get it anywhere and it was a favorite from my younger days.
The point is that there are a ton of shows that for one reason or another, we loved. Some of them live happily in syndication. Others are easily found on eBay or by renting online. Sadly, others will lie dormant. In such spirit, I have decided to do a review of sorts (of course in my opinion) of cancelled or old shows. Some may have been cult favorites and others were shows that never made it past the initial few episodes. Remember, not every show draws multi-millions in ratings and ends to big parties and contests. By-in-large, a majority of shows fail by network standards. I should think that our standards are far-different. So if you have a show you would like have reviewed or featured, send me a note or leave a comment, and pass the word!


rel=nofollowJulia said...

Nice idea, though I can't think of a specific series. But I'll see whyt you come up with, maybe I'll remeber some of those childhood treasures as well.
What will the first show be? When will you start?

Greets Julia

rel=nofollowsnippets said...

neat idea!

thanks for the visit! :)