Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why go out on Black Friday?

As summer quickly fades to fall and we all get ready for the holiday season, it's almost impossible to not think about shopping. We have friends and family to buy gifts for, parties to shop for, and sometimes we even like to grab some of the seasonal bargains to treat outselves.

Being two months away, it's also hard to not think about that dreaded day when malls open at 3 am and lines seem to go for miles and miles. People who say they'd never shop on black friday, are at the mall because they just can't resist that one-day deal and they know the items will sell out by the time the rush has passed.

Does this happen to you? Are you one of the many millions who flocks to the mall or favorite department store on the day after Thanksgiving? As it has come to be known, Black Friday is the busiest and most congested shopping day of the year and it's true, there are great deals to be had.

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