Friday, September 28, 2007

Upload it, Store it, and Share it with Driveway!

Having returned from a week in Lake Tahoe last spring, I couldn’t wait to share my multitude of pictures with everyone. I had never really used a digital camera before that week and most certainly had never tried to share pictures through email.

Although it took me what seemed like forever to download the photos my girlfriend sent via email, I count myself lucky. Because I have fee-based email, I have a lot of storage available to me, but for many Internet users, this isn’t the case. If I had been using Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail without one of the optional upgrades, I wouldn’t have been able to download the large file of photos.

Have you run into this problem before? Does the thought of paying to have a website host your photos annoy you? Then you need to check out Driveway file sharing. Driveway is a free online service where you can store your large files and then share with whomever you choose.

Perhaps you want you online writers’ group to critique your latest novel, but it’s far too large to upload to your Yahoo Group page or send to others via email. Simply Parkit and let Driveway be you file sharing solution.

Driveway also offers faster uploads via desktop plugin, widgets for file/folder sharing, and free storage up to 2GB.

But don’t just take my word on how great Driveway is for all your large file need; check out what these folks have to say about Driveway and log on now!