Thursday, September 20, 2007

A game and a half and time running out!

There are times of year when your favorite team can lose 5 or so games and you might not think too hard about it. Sure, as a true fan, you hate seeing you team lose, but over a 162 game schedule like in baseball, these streaks happen all the time.

The problem is when your biggest for and most hated enemy doesn't seem to lose any games down the stretch. Perhaps you know where I'm going with this. Nope, I'm mot talking about the Mets, sorry.

If reading this truly gives you pain in the pit of your stomach, then you are a Red Sox fax and you've watched the once 12 games lead, shrink to just 1.5 games over the Bronx Bombers.

With 9 games left and little room for error, there are some serious injury problems and even a more serious situation in the once flawless bullpen; however, as a good fan, and a die hard to the end, I'll continue to root our boys on and hope for a swing before it's too late. GO SOX!