Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A wealth of information at Contemporary's web site

When looking at a web site, there are several factors, which I think make it affective. Of course the first is making sure that the web site is directed to its’ target market. I have had the chance to review the web site for a UK-based Business technology company called Contemporary Business Intelligence Consultancy Services. Contemporary is keyed into their niche market by offering a web site that is all about the one thing its’ customers want – information. No glitz, no glamour, just a well-laid out site that’s easy to navigate and full of more information than perhaps the programs they consult on; however, there isn’t too much information thrown right at the site visitor and that is important.

Contemporary’s home page has some very good key points going for it. First, they start right off with their motto and then they go into a brief, but inviting synopsis of the services they offer. Right on the first page they tell you what they can do, how they can do it, and that they will save you money. What more can you ask for? Another aspect of the homepage that I didn’t really like at first, but now find quite affective, is their placement of the products they consult on. The reason I was skeptical at first is that when I opened the page I wondered what I would think it I went to it under different pretenses. Would I think it was merely an advertisement for these prominent Microsoft & Business Objects products? And then after pondering, I decide that anyone going to this website knows why they are going there and seeing those powerful tags above the motto and intro lends credibility. And speaking of credibility, Contemporary doesn’t forget another effective marker of a good page; they list important certifications.

Other pages on the site may not be considered as important to some because they are not the ones that draw you into the site, but they still need to be informative and powerful enough to keep you there. Contemporary effectively uses link to other pages, which host everything from their extended products, to company news, and “about” page, and even a page of short biographies of senior management. The videos are certainly a nice touch as well.