Saturday, September 22, 2007

A kind welcoming from the PayPerPost community

It was perhaps four or five months ago and I was watching the Today Show on NBC like I do most mornings. Scoffing down some cereal before heading out for a sail, a particular segment caught my attention. This was the first I had heard of, but the woman who was being interviewed said some things that interested me and even better, she had credibility.

To be frank, I first thought it was a segment on ways to make extra money on the Internet that were by-in-large scams, but to my surprise, this wasn’t the case. The woman was talking about legitimate websites where people could earn make money doing things they do in their everyday lives.

Me, I like to write. Although most of what I produce is fiction, I started blogging about a year and a half ago. So when she said there was a site called where I could actually get paid for writing about my opinions and things that interest me, I was hooked. I wanted in, but that’s when I found out what I truly like best about PayPerPost; people can’t just decide they are going to blog because they see this great opportunity. PayPerPost makes us earn our place here and I love that.

From the time my current blog went live to a few days ago when it was accepted for Marketplace, I’ve met some great folks who share the same passions as I do, but best of all, everyone is extremely helpful. You see, not everyone on here is a genius with computers. Having been an English major in college, I can barely do much more than use spell check, but no worries, there has always been someone to show me the ropes and guide me through each step. Now I even get asked to do blog reviews.

I look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with and can’t wait to meet more and more Posties, new and old!