Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great deals from

To begin with, the site is very easy to use. The layout is rather simplistic, but they aren’t offering an art show, they want to provide the best prices out there. Upon logging on to the site I found that there is surely more than the name alludes to. One aspect that caught my attention right off the bat was how I could choose to have all my information in a selection of different currencies and languages. Now it’s been a while since I took French and Spanish didn’t exactly click with me, but this is a great feature. It tells me that this site thinks globally and wants to attract customers from everywhere the Internet reaches. In line with this, the web site offers toll-free phone numbers and customer service assistance right at the top of their screen for viewers anywhere in the world.
Making Hotel Reservations isn’t only easy, but financially advantageous to those seeking a good deal and perhaps some cash back. Click on the $100 rebate link and you will find that offers a variety of rebate options. Book 3 nights get a $20 rebate. Book 12 nights and get a $100 rebate. Couple that with the below price guarantee and you’re on your way to saving a ton of cash on your next trip. guarantees the lowest internet rates on hotel bookings. If you find a lower rate, will offer to either match the rate for you, or cancel your reservation through them, free of charge to you. The one catch is that the lower rate must be found within 24-hours from the time you booked your hotel rate through This writer finds that due to ever changing prices based on demand and even slight economic shifts, the 24-hour clause in their guarantee is not only fair, but quite frankly, smart. also offers some great deals on condos, complete vacation packages you build on your own, cruises tours, and group rates. Having searched the site; it’s not the prices that I found to be the best feature. I found a link which says that you can cancel or change your bookings through them without penalty. Having been hit in the wallet far too many times due to any number of reasons beyond my control, I think this is a great feature and recommend that when you book that next trip, give a shot.