Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Digital cameras are the way to go

Do you remember the days of bringing you camera film in a place like CVS to have double copies of your 27 pictures made? It seems like so long ago that this was the normal practice, which is probably why I still have rolls of film and disposable cameras collecting dust.

The advent of digital camera changed everything, even for people like me, who are hesitant to change. The ability to snap hundreds of pictures and actually be able to see them right after the shot is one of my favorite aspects of digital photography.

I’m currently the owner of a Canon PowerShot SD620 and I couldn't be more pleased. Last winter on a trip to Lake Tahoe, my girlfriend and I were able to catalog all our adventures on film and easily download the pictures to her computer to share. The sheer beauty of the pristine landscape and massive amounts of snowfall made it almost impossible to put into words, but going through the photos on the computer told a story all its’ own. As a matter a fact, the picture to the right, titled, “the blue world” was taken on that trip with that very camera!

In the future I hope to be able to download my pictures to digital picture frames. Who knows? Christmas isn’t too far away.

The picture and clarity of digital cameras is absolutely amazing and getting better all the time. I used to think of taking pictures as more of a hassle than anything else, but now I enjoy taking shots of scenery, friends, and family.