Saturday, September 29, 2007

Protect your data with Anytime@Anywhere

Are you tired of worrying about your saved data? If don’t want to spend the money for expensive flash drives and simply don’t have the time to constantly back up your large files to multiple CDs, there is a viable solution whether you’re backing up drafts of your latest novel, storing pictures from your family’s trip to Europe, or you need a safe secure site to back up your business plans, receipts, and important customer information; you need Anytime@Anywhere offsite backup.

Anytime@Anywhere offsite backup solutions works with a multitude of platforms and operating systems and works in 21 languages. Backing up your data with Anytime@Anywhere uses a secure SSL channel and is 128-bit encrypted. Check out their FAQ page to see how easy it is to protect your personal or business date with Anytime@Anywhere.