Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Schilling solid after 9 days rest

After 9 days of rest, Curt Schilling again came to the mound to square off against the ailing Oakland Athletics in a crucial game for the Sox. As a longtime fan and someone who hasn’t been all that impressed with some of the off-field banter from the former staff ace, I admit that I was skeptical, but then I realized something I had forgotten. For Schilling, this isn’t merely the end of the regular season – no, there was actual pressure for him to get a win with the division so close and few games remaining.

Visions of 2004 popped into my head and I knew that regardless of age and regardless of the regular season as a whole, this start would be different for Schilling. After 6 fairly strong innings, Schilling left with a 3-run lead, having only given up only 1 earned run.

Say what you will about Curt Schilling, but last night he proved that even while he might not being blowing batters away with his fastball anymore, he knows how to get guys out. More importantly, he knows how to get them out when it counts and should be ready for the #2 spot in the postseason rotation.

…and the Evil Empire lost on a walk-off home run to Tampa Bay in the bottom of the 10th. Magic number for the Sox is 3.